The board of Directors are happy to announce that Magnus Johansson, former CEO of COOP Sweden, will take over as CEO of Bumbee Labs. 

“Magnus will be a key driver for the company in our coming growth phase”, says chairman Eirik Lunde. “His vast experience and network within the retail industry, combined with his leadership and team-building skills made him a perfect match for Bumbee Labs”.

Magnus left COOP Sweden earlier this year, after five successful years of leading the retail chain through a digitalisation process. “I’m really excited about the intelligence in the product that allows us to deliver invaluable knowledge and KPI’s to companies and organisations aiming to drive growth, profits and customer satisfaction. This can really be a game-changer in the industry and set a new industry standard.”

About changing pace from leading a huge company with thousands of employees he says: “My experience during 2022, working with small tech start-up companies, where highly motivated, skilled, and often young people in smaller teams build companies and with high speed solves problems has impressed me. Bumbee Labs has made the same impression on me and I’m looking forward to working with the team and taking the company to the next level.”

With high focus on retail customers as one main source for growth the recruitment of Magnus Johansson with many years of
CEO positions in large Swedish companies not only adds general management skills and experience but also cutting-edge knowledge and insights to retail business.

Magnus will also join the cap table as an investor. 

“The huge possibilities with the product and the exciting journey that Bumbee Labs will enter at the same time as I was given the possibility to enter as an investor left me with an easy choice to accept the position as CEO of the company.”

Bumbee Labs’ founder Staffan Liljestrand says: “Magnus has really impressed me with his intelligent thinking and great understanding of our product, and I am confident that his energy and experience is exactly what the company needs. It is apparent that he will start adding value to the company from day one, his experience in the retail industry will be really helpful for us as we continue to build the company.”

About Bumbee Labs

Bumbee Labs is the global leader in footfall data and analytics. Visitor flow data is captured anonymously using Wi-Fi signals in smart mobile phones. The method is unique in being the only GDPR compliant company in the data collection industry with an approval by a European Court of Law. Bumbee Labs works with partners globally on providing data for public transportation, malls, shopping centres, offices, retail and city centers. Bumbee Labs was established in 2011 in Stockholm, Sweden. Learn more at Follow us on LinkedIn.

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