This is an overview of how we treat the personal data Bumbee Labs collects during visitor flow surveys and also how we treat personal information of customers and other stakeholders, in accordance with GDPR.

The personal information we handle, is handled on servers in Europe.

Bumbee Labs complies with the Swedish Data Inspectorate’s decision regarding how the visitor flow survey system should be adapted to be allowed with respect to the Personal Data Act and in extension GDPR.

According to the Data Inspection Decision 2015-10-30 (dnr 1702-2015), the measures taken were sufficient to overcome the deficiencies in the company’s processing of personal data using the IOPS system in Västerås City Center as the Data Inspectorate stated in its decision June 22, 2015 (dnr 2729-2014).

Bumbee Labs performs surveys of visitor statistics in various public environments. The aim is to provide stakeholders with better knowledge of unidentified footfall and traffic flows, so that stakeholders can take appropriate measures for the development of these public environments. The survey is done by anonymous registration of Wi-Fi signals from mobile phones and computers.

The Bumbee Labs system is designed so that individuals’ movements cannot be mapped. The MAC addresses which are collected, and which can be attributed to individuals’ mobile phones or similar equipment, are irrevocably deleted immediately after the registration required to obtain statistics about how many people pass at a particular location.

Only unidentified statistical information remains, such as number of passages past a certain geographic location and so-called heat maps. Bumbee Labs has also installed signs of various types which will inform visitors in the area of the visitor survey. In case the visitor flow survey is done without the prior consent of the visitor, no other personal data is collected.

In case visitor flow measurement occurs with the visitor’s active consent, the MAC address will be saved up to 6 months after approval is given and then deleted automatically after 6 months. Other information that can be requested at the customer’s initiative, such as email address, first and last name and address, can be saved up to 6 months and then deleted automatically.

For customers, potential customers, partners, suppliers and shareholders, any of the following personal data may be stored: name, position, organization number, VAT number, shipping address, invoice address, email address and telephone number.

The purpose of saving this personal data is to inform about our business progress and, if necessary, enable us to fulfill our commitments. Personal data is deleted manually by Bumbee Lab’s staff following notice from the proprietor of the personal data.

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