Why partner with us

With thanks to our incredible partners, we have completed over 2000 successful installations in the last decade. By partnering with Bumbee Labs, our partners can service clients such as cities, malls, retailers, offices, hotels, public transport operators, outdoor advertisers and many more with very accurate footfall data. That would allow them to add another recurring revenue stream to their existing revenue sources. Given our official GDPR approval for our innovative data collection method, our partners can safely offer a combination of data sets without any concerns for infringing privacy matters. Bumbee Labs’ approval is issued by a European Data Inspection Authority.

Highly Accurate Data

Our unique data filtering and processing techniques allow us to identify and discount any misleading information.


The cloud-based (SaaS) software is hardware agnostic and can make use of existing APs, minimising installation and operating costs.

GDPR Approved

Bumbee Labs is the only company in Europe with this level of General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) approval.

Sustainability Promise

We aim to make sure our services contribute to the goals of the UN sustainability goals set for 2030.

“Bumbee Labs are very happy to announce that we have now entered into a permanent agreement with Telia, where Telia will provide data from Bumbee Labs as part of their Crowd Insights offering.”


“The insights will be used to help municipalities across Sweden to make it easier for people to throw away their trash and reduce littering.”


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