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Harnessing the power of unique Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML) and Wi-Fi technology, Bumbee Labs provides valuable analytics and predictions on footfall traffic in outdoor and indoor spaces. By capturing anonymised Wi-Fi signals from smartphones, Bumbee Labs is able to capture valuable data like the number of visitors, their dwell times and paths, as well as passersby numbers and real-time crowd alerts. The Bumbee Labs model and method is the only of its kind in Europe to have approval from a European Data Inspection Authority with regards to General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR).

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Our intelligent footfall data analytics allow physical stores and spaces to gain the same level of data knowledge that e-commerce sites have. It can give retailers better insight into consumer behaviour, aid in the valuation and performance of their property, while simultaneously offering their visitors a more curated shopping experience. Our current services are at the forefront of digital technology and we are continuously working on solutions to make towns and physical shopping even more effective and profitable.

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What makes us different

  • We are GDPR approved by a European Court of Law.
  • Robust Data & Extrapolation allows for over 99 % accuracy
  • Effective Method:
    – 10 years of research
    – Approved by academia
    – Validated by customers
    – Statistically robust approach

Recent Events:

Have a look at what we’ve been up to, our recent events and expos as well as new partnerships.

Bumbee Labs expands the cooperation with Jernhusen

Bumbee Labs expands the cooperation with Jernhusen

Go to Swedish version. Bumbee Labs method to measure footfall has been used by Jernhusen since 2018 at the Stockholm Central Station. Stockholm Central Station is one of Sweden’s most visited places. The data provided by Bumbee Labs adds to the understanding and...

Kista Mobility Day

Kista Mobility Day

On Thursday June 9th, 2022 Bumbee Labs will be exhibiting at the Kista Mobility Day. The event is hosted by Kista Science Data, who work to create a sustainable future with the help of technology. They work with innovative companies, academia, authorities and...

Retail Insights 2022

Retail Insights 2022

Retail is changing rapidly today, and so are all industries that depend on retail.  Understanding what is changing – and how to manage retail businesses successfully in the future – is key to many industries and verticals. Not only traditional retail like chains...

Our visit to Kista Mobility Day was a success!

We arrived early at 10 AM and quickly found our place amongst the other exhibitors in the outdoor display. The day was all about innovation and leveraging existing solutions for the future of sustainable mobility. 

During this time, our Founder Staffan Liljestrand was a guest speaker along with several others at keynote seminar.

With the theme “Future. Today.” the keynote seminar was held in the Ericsson Imagine Studio with Ericsson Stockholms Stad, Univrses and Telia. It was followed by five mobility talks and demos that focused on how existing solutions can impact the future of mobility.

Thank you too all the visitors who stopped by our stand to ask important questions, the other keynote speakers and exhibitors! Also thank you to our Key Account Managers Pedro Lundin and Anjali Mankar who answered every question that came their way.

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Staffan Liljestrand 
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