Stockholm, Sweden – Nov 2, 2021 – Bumbee Labs, a leader in visitor flow measurement has joined the CommScope RUCKUS Global Alliance program. This alliance brings Bumbee Labs’ unique and GDPR-compliant method of creating footfall analytics to distributors through RUCKUS sales channels. The alliance solution empowers retail, education and other industries with better information about the movements of people through their facilities.

By providing better insights about where visitors go, this collaboration enables public space owners and operators to increase the number of visits, improve sales and increase an area’s attractiveness. With Bumbee Labs’ customized footfall statistics, current owners of RUCKUS Wi-Fi installations can gain detailed insight on the number of visitors and how they behave in a store, shopping mall, city, office, hotel, university, transport hub or any other public space. 


How Better Insight Could Minimize Covid-19 Spread

Bumbee Labs’ new Crowd Alert Service enables managers of RUCKUS Wi-Fi installations to perform real-time monitoring of crowd formations to help minimize the spread of the Covid-19 virus. The Crowd Alert Service is enabled by a plug-and-play system that helps prevent crowd formations; it sends an alert to the area’s management if the number of visitors is higher than normal. Bumbee Labs uses a combination of data science and machine learning to provide this data by constantly updating indicators with real-time monitoring.

The Bumbee services are more cost efficient than other visitor measurement solutions and deliver a wider and more accurate range of key performance indicators (KPIs) – such as dwell time, zone correlations and conversion – compared to more traditional methods. Integrating the Bumbee service requires minimal effort from the system administrator and is handled entirely remotely. Delivery of the data to the end customer is assured by Bumbee Labs or one of the company’s delivery partners.

“We have extensively evaluated Bumbee Labs’ solution and the quality insights they produce, in combination with the efficiency of the remote installation process, make this a valuable collaboration,” said Bart Giordano, Senior Vice President of RUCKUS, CommScope. “This alliance presents a great opportunity for our distribution ecosystem to provide a variety of service offerings to their customers, opening up new revenue streams.” 

“We have been working with RUCKUS for many years and have been very impressed by their technical know-how and the performance of their installations,” said Karl Samuelsson, CEO of Bumbee Labs. “Joining their alliance program and working even more closely with RUCKUS is a great opportunity for Bumbee Labs.”

Bumbee Labs’ footfall data service is now available to RUCKUS customers. 

For any further questions, please contact:

CommScope: Erik Heinrich, Senior Director, Business Development,

Bumbee Labs AB: Karl Samuelsson, CEO, +46 707 588971,