As the world emerges from the grip of the COVID-19 pandemic, innovators in anonymised Wi-Fi based footfall data, Bumbee Labs and data specialists, CKDelta have partnered to aid the global financial recovery of industry and governments. 

The partnership will see Bumbee Labs and CKDelta deliver anonymised Wi-Fi driven footfall data and analytics as an addition to their existing data sources to drive transformational business performance and efficiency in multiple sectors, including retail, travel and tourism, and transport. 

In a post-pandemic world, encouraging individuals back to city centres and commercial offices will be paramount to ensuring financial viability in the coming months and years ahead. The partnership will enable the likes of shopping centre owners and operators to understand and respond to peaks and troughs in footfall more effectively and rebuild a new, up to date and holistic view of consumer behaviour. Patterns such as dwell time and movement patterns will help businesses to more accurately tailor their offering to encourage individuals to stay for longer and make a return visit. 

The partnership is also set to play a leading role in the localised recovery of towns and cities across the UK, Europe, East Asia and South-East Asia with the data insights uniquely positioned to help local authorities prepare, plan, and execute their recovery strategies. This integrated macro – to – micro understanding of anonymous mobility behaviour is a key input into planning, delivering and measuring the effectiveness of rejuvenation programmes, as well as being able to provide locals and visitors a view of crowding levels in potentially busy areas.

Jim Newton, Business Development Director at CKDelta, commented: “The world is now at the dawn of the recovery from COVID-19. While we’re not out of the woods yet, we are experiencing a bounce back in economic and social activity. To help sectors such as retail and transportation in driving that recovery we have sought to partner with innovative leaders in the provision of anonymous mobility analysis. 

“By partnering with Bumbee Labs we have opened the door for our end-customers to radically change the way they plan and prepare for the future. Shopping center managers, travel and tourism operators, and major event hubs all require the most up-to-date, meaningful insights to be able to compete in a changing world, alongside the digital arena.”

“By leveraging anonymised footfall data, they can look to attract more visitors and reform their offer to tailor it to the wants and needs of individuals in and around their sites. This can all be achieved without any additional investment in physical hardware thereby reducing costs, while bolstering their return on investment.”

Karl Samuelsson, CEO of Bumbee Labs, commented: “The world is moving into a forward-looking time – people are getting back to offices; shopping malls and retail stores, and transportation hubs are busier than ever.

“Within this movement of people, goods and services, Bumbee Labs collects anonymised footfall data using existing Wi-Fi installations to assist customers in the optimization of business opportunities and    plan more efficiently in a sustainable manner.”

“The partnership will allow CKDelta to provide their customers with an even more comprehensive insight into visitor behaviour.  Bumbee Labs GDPR compliant, Wi-Fi based, footfall data is a great complement to the other data sources provided by CKDelta and will allow end-customers to see both the macro footfall data, using anonymised mobile mast data, as well as micro and indoor data via Wi-Fi streams, in the same dashboard.” 



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