Bumbee Labs based in Sweden is driving international market growth following its new capital round raise of 21 million SEK. The company has partnerships with major players such as with Telia Company, which covers Scandinavia and the Baltics. Bumbee Labs is set for strong growth internationally due to its strong partnerships, compelling intellectual property assets and a competitive advantage in creating value in footfall analytics. A majority of the investment comes from strategic investors from Norway, proving the international appeal of the Bumbee Labs offering. 

Eirik Lunde has been appointed as Executive Chair of the Board and together with the leadership team will drive partnership agreements across the US, Europe and Asia. Lunde has vast experience in the telecommunications sector and currently also serves as a board member at both BITPRO AS and NextGenTel. Former CEO positions include tenures at NextGenTel Holding ASA, Telio and Ventelo. Eirik has a finance and marketing background and completed the Management Program from both Insead and London Business School. 

Lunde outlines his focus for the future, “The last year has taught us much about the nature of uncertainty and volatility. Bumbee Labs continue to create value with footfall data in order to equip its partners to plan ahead with greater knowledge and certainty.” Lunde aims to increase the pace of innovation and seize opportunities within a dynamic market.

Karl Samuelsson, CEO of Bumbee Labs, explains, “We are very pleased to welcome Eirik Lunde with his deep experience and leadership in high-technology businesses. Together as the leadership team we will push hard to continue the growth of Bumbee Labs.”

Mats Lindoff has also been appointed to the Board of Directors for Bumbee Labs. Lindoff has served as former Head of Technology at Sony Ericsson Mobile. He has an Honorary Doctorate in Engineering from the Faculty of Engineering, Lund University. Lindoff is a member of the Board of Directors for Precise Biometrics, Combain Mobile and ENEA. As an experienced technology executive Lindoff also invests in telecom companies.

“Mats Lindoff was one of the first persons that worked with cellular phone technology in the 1980s. With over 25 years of experience in managing innovative high technology companies he brings a rich experience in innovation and technology, as well as a lot of business experience, to the board of Bumbee Labs,” Samuelsson highlights.

As economies start accelerating forward, the disruptive and dynamic environment of the past year’s pandemic has been a key driver in the growth of data analytics leading to an ever-increasing demand. Demand for footfall analytics, as a pivotal business intelligence tool continues to grow from retailers, cities, shopping malls, transport hubs, offices and many others.  

Bumbee Labs measures visitor flows by capturing anonymous Wi-Fi signals in smart mobile phones and can make measurements in both outdoor and indoor environments. The visitor flows are measured completely anonymously, and the measurement method is unique in its kind to have an approval from the IMY (formerly the Swedish Data Inspection Authority) with GDPR taken into account. By using this method, Bumbee Labs can produce very reliable statistics on how many people visit the measurement area during different time intervals, how long visitors stay in the measurement area and what the most common walking paths are. 



For any further questions, please contact:

Bumbee Labs AB: Karl Samuelsson, CEO, +46 707 588971, karl.samuelsson@bumbeelabs.se